Interview with Playson Managing Director: Past, Present and Future

Interview with Playson Managing Director: Past, Present and Future SiGMA Magazine spoke with Playson Managing Director Ivan Farrugia. He talked about how it all started, where they came to and what the future holds for their company. Below is a translation of an interview published in the tenth issue of the magazine.fastpay casino login Your company is relatively young, which was founded in 2012. How did it all start? Playson was founded out of interest by a group of experienced game developers who wanted to create top tier games for punters like them. Driven by their ideals of quality and innovation, they began work on creating games that would appeal to a wide audience pay casino.. It all started on a small scale as an independent project that eventually blossomed into the complex system we have today. The size may have grown significantly, but the ambition has remained the same: to deliver a gaming experience that captivates, engulfs and rewards punters with premium digital entertainment. What are the main challenges for Playson so far? Over the years, it has been a challenge to identify the best business model to ensure that our games are distributed to as many casinos as possible, while at the same time ensuring that we comply with the responsibilities and comply with the rules of jurisdictions and enter more regulated markets. Then, as the company grew, the departments expanded, we had to take a different look at how we work and choose the optimal corporate structure and processes so that the business could move forward. You are currently operating in regulated markets such as Malta, Italy, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom. Do you have plans to explore markets outside of Europe? Only recently have we decided exactly on this score. We broadened our view and began to observe the development of new markets such as Latin America, Africa, but preferred to focus on maximizing our presence in the lucrative and highly regulated European market. We are particularly encouraged by our subsequent expansion to Romania, Sweden and Denmark in the next 3-4 quarters %s... What were your most important milestones so far? The first step was undoubtedly obtaining the MGA license in 2012. It was the first foundation stone of Playson, which allowed it to confidently exhibit its products on the European market. The next was the receipt of the UKGC license, which brought a powerful boost to our sales, as more and more operators not only learned about Playson, but also saw us as a partner who follows the laws, can provide top quality content and reliable support. The last important stage is happening right now during our conversation. As a result of our overwhelming growth, we are at a stage where the entire workflow is being redefined. It is challenging and exciting, and as a result, we will see Playson as a mature, complex organization with a strong culture, while maintaining its agility and dynamism. What qualities enhance the punter experience, and what inspires you to create your stunning graphics? On this topic Prizes for chores and tournaments. Relax in isolation A foundational commitment to the punter experience has always been the main driving force behind creativity and innovation at Playson %s... We want punters to enjoy their time playing our games, so we offer aesthetic graphics in the best HD quality on the market in terms of detail and richness, spiced with themed soundtracks to create an immersive audiovisual atmosphere. It takes a lot of effort to polish the final product and not even the smallest detail will be ignored, as can be clearly seen in our fruit symbols that appear in our portfolio of Timeless Fruit Slots games. Have punters' expectations changed a lot since you started - what are punters expecting from game developers today? I think the old paradox of"everything changed and at the same time remains the same" applies in this case. The range of preferences for punters has expanded significantly, however, most punters still expect a simple formula: winnings fun smooth play. With this in mind, I would say that the quality of the gaming experience today is the expected standard. Uninterrupted sessions, responsive user care and omni-channel are innovations that have become common practice in the industry. What trends have emerging technologies brought to the gaming experience, are you going to apply any innovations to your portfolio? I would say that the big trend right now is the consolidation of mobile devices as the dominant channel for online betting and gaming. Some operators now accept 75% rates on mobile %s... With this trend in the same direction, we are investing heavily in continually revising and updating our mobile gaming interfaces on all of our products to ensure that we provide products that are optimized for mobile users as much as possible. In general, we are maximally focused on staying abreast of technological innovations and if we see the value of developing and new technologies, we use them in our work processes. What's in the future for Playson? Playson grows both vertically and horizontally. We've tripled our sales force to capitalize on the opportunities presented to us with our new licenses and new target markets. Our main goal for the rest of the year and beyond is to expand our presence in European regulated markets, and we expect a steady expansion into the Scandinavian and Eastern European territories. In terms of products, we have increased our production so that we are releasing a record number of games this year, and we also plan to launch new promo mechanisms to improve the gaming experience to offer punters even more engagement. These mechanisms will follow our incredibly successful tournaments. We recently hosted our first ever large scale networking event and was a huge success, so we plan to have similar networking events throughout the year and beyond. %s... There's a lot going on at Playson and the future looks bright.