Nowadays, corner kitchens are considered one of the most common ways to organize space in the kitchen. Their popularity is due to the advantages they provide in comparison with other types of furniture.

Basically, this type of kitchen is recommended in small-sized apartments, when the kitchens have a square layout. This way you can significantly save kitchen space by creating an ergonomic work area. Corner kitchens can be made in any style (from high-tech and classics), using design experiments.

Corner sinks are usually used for such a kitchen, which significantly saves space. It is better to choose those sinks that consist of two small rectangular bowls. One is used for washing dishes, and the other is for vegetables and fruits.

Special accessories (drying baskets, special removable cutting boards, etc.) will help visually increase the space.

It is desirable that you can reach the refrigerator by reaching out your hand. It is better to place the stove closer to the sink, and the working surface between them does not exceed 60 centimeters.

An important feature of a corner kitchen is the choice of a countertop, since it is unlikely to be possible to choose a solid countertop (although it can be made of stone, which will help avoid joints and seams). But using modern materials and technologies, you can make these seams and joints completely invisible.

Corner kitchens can be equipped with rotating shelves, which are located in corner cabinets.

When designing a corner kitchen, you can choose any materials (MDF or wood for cabinets, artificial stone or granite for countertops) and any style.

It is worth following a few general recommendations when designing a corner kitchen. If the kitchen is small, then it is better to choose a headset made in bright colors in order to visually enlarge the room.

Visually expand the space will help open shelves, as well as glass facades in kitchen cabinets. The ideal corner kitchen is practical and concise.

Such a kitchen layout divides the work area into two parts. If the kitchen space is limited, then the choice is justified. But in studio kitchens or in large rooms that are combined with the living room, the distance from the dining area to the stove will be significant. Therefore, for such cases, there should be an additional element in the corner kitchen, which is called an “island”.

The “island” can be equipped with a hob and sink. A mini-bar can be created in the studio kitchen. This “island” may include additional cabinets. But this element fits well into kitchens with an area of 10 square meters or more. In corner kitchens, the “island” has different shapes, which is determined depending on the overall style of the room. xxx usa video